Support a Green Leaf program in Ghana

A single radio station can provide life-changing information to more than 50,000 farmers.

For many farmers, radio stations are the sole source of information on how to grow crops, sell their produce, even how to protect themselves during a global pandemic — and it's all in their own language. In a country like Ghana, where almost 80 indigenous languages are spoken, that's essential. 

You, alongside your friends, family and colleagues, can help make that difference for farmers all thanks to a single radio program.

Just $5,200 can keep a Greenleaf radio program dedicated to farmers running week-after-week for an entire year. 

Create a team and join us as we aim to sponsor six Greenleaf stations this year — and through them help farmers feed their families and communities.

In places where the internet remains out of reach, radio is a lifeline. At Farm Radio International, we've worked with broadcasters and farmers to design effective, ongoing, agriculture radio programs for regular small scale farmers.

Now, we need your help keeping those programs on the air. 

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