Picture of Sandra with her father David Pederson.

We were saddened at Farm Radio International to learn of the loss of David Pederson. 

In early 2019, David invited his daughter Sandy to join him and a small group of Farm Radio International supporters on a Learning Tour to Ghana, West Africa. As the only working farmer of the tour guests, it did not take David long to get his hands dirty.  I observed him regularly crouching down to pick up a handful of soil, to examine the colour, texture, moisture content and smell. He would immediately pitch in with farmers when they offered up one of their cultivating tools for him to try. His eyes never missed a thing, and his daughter Sandy was by his side making sure she captured as much as she could on her own digital camera. 

If there was a chance to take an extra hike somewhere to see something of interest, David said yes in order to be part of the entire experience. In some of our open discussions during the tour, David would make sure that we understood the significance of the challenges the small-scale farmers were facing and overcoming by their own ingenuity, and the fact that our Farm Radio broadcast partners were providing regular programming to spread the word on any upcoming threats to the growing season, or opportunities to increase their yields and family wellbeing.

I enjoyed talking with David on several occasions, and it was clear that he was proud to be part of the Farm Radio International mission, and that he would continue to support our work. As you can see from his obituary, he stayed true to his word and remained steadfast in his conviction to support African Farmers, right up to the very end. Rest in Peace David.  

Jeff Larocque

Ghana Tour Co-Host & Participant 

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